Jayne knew from a very young age that music would be where her future lay, applying herself studiously from the age of 4 to learning the piano her drive and passion was evident from day one. 
Ok, I’m sorry, I can’t even… There is no one else writing this for me and if I carry on like that it’s not so much ‘about Jayne’ as ‘about some vague un-Jayne like being who sounds really good on paper but won’t quite be like that in real life’. 
So, let’s get down to the deets: Yes, I did start learning the piano at 4 years old. Yes, I did go to music college, I have all the requisite pieces of paper, (letters after my name etc) when other musicians talk about performance exams and diplomas and bla bla bla, I did all those, in fact, I did TWENTY ONE of them, in FIVE different instruments. I started teaching piano at fifteen years old, I started touring abroad shortly after at 16. By 18 I had toured Europe and Asia (and that was before I even got to music college), which is kind of where we’re going here. For me, this ‘About Me’ is not a list of qualifications and name dropping it’s about why I’m here now, why JGM exists. 
Music is not just what I do, it is who I am. My passion and excitement for classical music is absolutely endless, but, on the whole, the classical music industry has created a ‘distance’ between itself and a huge majority of the population. It is expensive, it is therefore elitist, it has cloaked itself in ‘unwritten rules’ and ‘traditions’ and ‘codes of behaviour’ which make it even more inaccessible for the uninitiated. You’ve all been at a concert and been worried about knowing when it is ok to clap, when the music is actually finished, and heaven forbid you should take a young child who would make noise in a quiet section… oh the frowning and glaring from the rest of the audience!! 
Enter Jayne Guest Music. If you want to know ‘about me’ all you need to know is that I don’t think any of that is right. Music is for everyone. Everyone should be able to engage with it, participate in it and enjoy it. I founded Jayne Guest Music to make that possible. Everything I do is aimed at making music accessible. I studied this stuff for decades so that you don’t have to. If you’ve ever been a member of an amateur music group and had the musical director screaming and shouting because you can’t do/don’t understand what they want, I am the antidote to that, work with me and above all else you will have a great time (and create amazing music to boot) If you have ever sat bored in a classical concert, come to a JGM one, I promise there’s life and energy in these shows. On a weekly basis I work with people from under a year old all the way up to those in their 80s, why….because music is for everyone. 
Jayne Guest Music is ‘about me’. It’s about my life. It’s about it being time to wake things up… a lot! 
Have a look round the website, there are so many ways to get involved, form Melody Mouse to Pantomime, we are here waiting for you to join us. 
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