Despite appearances and the output of works she manages, Jayne actually only has the same 24 hours in a day that everyone else has. But she likes to help everyone get the most out of music that they can do (I know, she’s practically a saint!) 
Therefore, coming soon, JGM will be offering online tuition courses which you can take whenever you want. (Yep... completely up to you, do it at 6am, do it at 11pm, Jayne won’t care, she won’t be there. But will be giving you access to the same high quality tuition that all her clients, just in recorded format). 
But that is not enough for us, we want to help EVERYONE. If you are trying to teach yourself the piano then, firstly, kudos to you!! Mega impressed, keep it up. But, do you sometimes wish you had people to ask, had access to the odd bit of help, live sessions, a few technique videos, learn alongs, repertoire lists. The JGM monthly membership could be for you. (Because it will have allll those things we just mentioned above and more – what were the chances eh??) 
If you want to be the first to hear when Jayne finally stops tweaking these things and adding more and more value then get yourself signed up to the mailing list below! 
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